How to Fix Instagram not Sending Security Code?

How to Fix Instagram not Sending Security Code?

How To Fix Login Code or 6-Digit Login Code Not Received Problem Solved in Instagram

When you get an Instagram Security Code Error, first thing to do is check your internet connection. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi and then try to sign in. If it still does not work, you have to check whether the Instagram app is up to date. Update your Instagram app to the latest version. If you have already updated, you can try to restart your device. If nothing works, you will have to contact Instagram Support for help.

There may be a number of causes for this error. The most common reason is that you have entered your number incorrectly. Go back to your profile and try again. If you are certain that you have entered your number correctly, try deleting and reinstalling the app. If you are still having issues, try performing a factory reset of your device.

When your password is reset, Instagram will send a security code to your email. If you have already lost your phone or change your account password, you won't receive the security code. 99% of people never received the security code, you can try the following steps to solve the issue. - Go to your Instagram app and sign in. - Open your email account then find the email sent by Instagram, open it and click the link to reset your password. - Go back to Instagram and sign in. - Enter your email, password, and security code. - Confirm your email address. - Enter a new password. - Enter a new 6-digit PIN. - Click the "Confirm" button. - Instagram will not send any more security code to your email.

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