Fix iPhone Phone Number Formatted Incorrectly After IOS 14 Update

Fix iPhone Phone Number Formatted Incorrectly After IOS 14 Update

You're probably here because you've just done the latest iOS update and your iPhone telephone contacts have now got spaces in and you cannot ring anybody I will take you through 4 steps to try and fix this issue there's also a step 5 and a step 6 but hopefully, you won't ever get to those!

Fix iPhone Phone Number Formatted Incorrectly After IOS 14 Update

Step 1:

  • Take your iPhone and what you need to do is the power it off so hold down the power off button until it says slide to power off.
  • Then slide it to power it off and then when it powers back on hopefully that may have sorted out your telephone numbers if not.

Step 2:

  • Go into  Settings scroll down select Phone.
  • Scroll down and you've got this 'Dial Assist' option now this automatically determines where you are.
  • But this can cause problems with your telephone number so make sure you slide that into the off position.
  • Then go and have a look at your telephone numbers and see if that's fixed the problem if not.

Step 3:

  • Go back into Settings and scroll down.
  • Go to General scroll down select Language and Region.
  • Now my language and region are set to English so what you want to do is set it to another one that is very similar to your own region.

  • So I'm going to set it to English Australia so select English Australia.
  • Then click on Done then it will ask you to confirm so click on Change to English Australia.
  • It will then say that it is setting the language.
  • Then a few seconds later it will come back and say it's English Australia.
  • Now what you do is immediately change it back again to what your proper settings should be so I'm going to change it back to English UK again click on Done.
  • Click on Change to English UK and now hopefully that has fixed your telephone number issue if not then.

Step 4:

  • You can actually just try removing the sim card and re-inserting it.

Step 5:

  • Will be to contact Apple who will no doubt say to contact your service provider.

Step 6:

  • Contact your service provider who will no doubt say contact Apple.
  • Then you are in an eternal loop!

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