Starfield: Where Is The Save Game Files Located For Gamepass Users On PC

Starfield: Where Is The Save Game Files Located For Gamepass Users On PC

Title: How to Find Starfield Game Save Files on Windows for Game Pass Users

Introduction: If you're a Game Pass user enjoying the highly anticipated Starfield game on your Windows computer, you might wonder where your game save files are located. Knowing how to access these files can be essential for various reasons, such as making backups or troubleshooting. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to find the Starfield game save files on your Windows PC.

Note: The location of save game files can vary depending on the game and where it was installed. These instructions are specific to finding Starfield save files.

Table of Contents:

  1. Open File Explorer:

    • To begin, open File Explorer, which is your file management tool in Windows.
  2. Navigate to This PC:

    • In File Explorer, go to "This PC."
  3. Open C Drive:

    • Within "This PC," open the C drive. This is where your Windows operating system is installed.
  4. Access Users Folder:

    • Within the C drive, locate and open the "Users" folder. This folder contains profiles for all users on your computer.
  5. Open Your Username Folder:

    • Inside the "Users" folder, you'll find folders named after each user on your PC. Open the folder associated with your username.
  6. Access AppData Folder:

    • Within your username folder, you should see the "AppData" folder. If you don't see it, you might need to enable the display of hidden files and folders.
      • For Windows 10 users: On the top menu, click "View" and check the "Hidden items" box.
      • For Windows 11 users: Click "View" at the bottom, select "Show," and check the "Hidden items" option. This will reveal the hidden AppData folder.
  7. Open Local Folder:

    • Within the "AppData" folder, open the "Local" folder.
  8. Access Packages Folder:

    • Inside the "Local" folder, locate and open the "Packages" folder. This is where Windows stores application-specific data.
  9. Navigate to SoftWorks Folder:

    • Within the "Packages" folder, look for a folder named "SoftWorks." This is where Bethesda, the developer of Starfield, stores game-related data.
  10. Enter the System AppData Folder:

    • Inside the "SoftWorks" folder, open the "SystemAppData" folder.
  11. Access the WGS Folder:

    • Within "SystemAppData," open the "wgs" folder. This folder contains various game data files.
  12. Find Starfield Save Game Files:

    • Inside the "wgs" folder, you should find the save game files for your Starfield game. These files typically have specific names related to your game progress.

Conclusion: Locating your Starfield game save files on your Windows computer is essential for managing your game progress effectively. Whether you want to back up your progress or troubleshoot issues, knowing where to find these files is crucial. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can access your Starfield save game files and ensure a seamless gaming experience.

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