How to Add a Clickable Link to Facebook Story – [2023]

How to Add a Clickable Link to Facebook Story – [2023]

Master the Art of Adding Clickable Links to Your Facebook Story in Five Unique Ways [2023]

I. Introduction
A. What's the Importance of Clickable Links in Facebook Stories?

You know how it feels when you spot a fabulous t-shirt or a trendy gadget on a Facebook story, and you’re left on your own to hunt it down, with no link to guide you straight to it? Frustrating, right? That's where clickable links come in, my friend! Think of them as a guided tour to the exact location of your coveted treasure!

Clickable links in Facebook stories, to put it simply, are shortcuts. They're essential for businesses and influencers who want to direct their followers straight to their website, product, blog, or any web content that cannot be entirely covered in a 20-second story.

B. Overview of Different Ways to Add Clickable Links.

“We got options,” as they say. There are different ways to add clickable links to Facebook stories, and we're going to delve into five of these extraordinary methods today. Don't worry, I've done the legwork; all you need to do is follow along.

C. Why need to update tutorial for 2023

The fantastic thing about technology is its ceaseless evolution. Just when we think we've mastered it all, there's a new flavor in town. Thus, for 2023, I'm providing you with an updated tutorial on clickable links. Because, hey, the new year deserves some new tricks, don’t you think?

II. Understanding the Basics: Prerequisites And Limitations
A. Prerequisites to Add Clickable Links to Facebook Stories

Before you jump head-first into the ocean of opportunities, ensure you can swim. For adding clickable links to Facebook stories, you should have a Verified Page, or you should be a Business Page and meet Facebook's minimum eligibility criteria.

B. Current Restrictions for Adding Clickable Links to Facebook Stories

Like the bouncer at an exclusive party, Facebook does impose some restrictions on who gets the VIP access to adding clickable links. Individual personal profile holders, for example, need to meet certain follower requirements.

C. Moving Forward: Prepare Your Facebook Profile and Your Desired Links

Now that we've got picnic supplies, let's set up camp! Ensure your Facebook profile aligns with the prerequisites, and pre-prepare the desired URLs you plan to include in your stories.

III. Method One: Adding Clickable Links Directly via Facebook Story
A. Step-by-Step Process: Building Your Story and Adding the Link

Yeah, you heard it right — Facebook lets you add clickable links directly to your stories. It's as easy as pie! Just open your story, select the 'link' icon, paste your URL, and voila, you're there!

B. Practical Use Cases of Direct Clickable Links in Facebook Story

Direct clickable links are especially useful for those “Shop Now” or “Learn More” scenarios. They are straight arrows guiding your viewers to where you want them to go.

C. Potential Drawbacks and Quick Troubleshooting

But remember, perfection is a myth. Sometimes viewers might face issues if your link doesn't work or if it directs to a hacked or unsafe page. Keep your URLs verified and updated to prevent such hiccups.

IV. Method Two: Using a Third Party App to Embed Clickable Links
A. Introduction: Using a Third-Party App for Link Embedding

If you’re longing for more customization and options, third-party apps got you covered. They allow you to create aesthetically pleasing and multi-option link pages.

B. Detailed Guide: How to Make the Most Out of Third-Party Link Tools

With third-party apps, it's a whole new world! Each one has its own set of features, so explore your chosen app thoroughly, load your bucket of links, and copy the generated link to your Facebook Story.

C. Potential Issues and Helpful Tips when Using Third-Party Apps

While convenient, third-party apps might sometimes be incompatible or lead to broken links. Stay on the lookout for updated versions of the apps and regularly check your links' functionality.

V. Method Three: Using Facebook’s “Swipe-Up” Feature
A. Deep-Dive: What Is the Facebook’s Swipe-Up Feature?

Ask any Instagram user about the 'Swipe-Up' feature—they'll tell you it's a magic carpet ride to external links! Now, Facebook Stories have joined the fun, bringing 'Swipe-Up' onboard.

B. Step-by-Step Guide: Activating and Utilizing Swipe-Up

Picture this: You've posted a tantalizing sneak-peek of your newest blog post on your FB story. And boom! A 'Swipe-Up' pops below, promising more excitement. Adding it is simple: make your story, click on the 'link' icon, paste URL, select 'Swipe-Up' prompt, and let your audience do the rest!

C. Best Practices: Use Cases and Troubleshooting Swipe-Up Feature Issues

Swipe-Up is a fantastic tool for promo codes, event registrations, or any call-to-action situations. However, you might encounter issues like non-working links. Ensure your URL is correct, up-to-date, and safe from any potential hacking.

VI. Method Four: Leveraging Facebook Call to Action Button
A. An Intro to Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons and Its Advantages

Facebook Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are external links' VIP entrances on your page. They can facilitate subscriptions, sign-ups, purchases, downloads, you name it!

B. Detailed Walkthrough: How to Embed Links Using Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons

By simply going to your Facebook page settings, you can add a CTA button to your profile. Choose a CTA that suits your goal, add the URL, and start rolling in viewer interactions!

C. What you need to know: Limitations and Potential Challenges

While CTAs are awesome, they're limited to your Facebook page and can't yet garnish your stories. Also, only one CTA is allowed per page, so choose well.

VII. Method Five: Including Links in the Text Portion of Your Story
A. Pros & Cons of Adding Links to the Text Portion of Your Story

Adding links as text can be a creative workaround, especially for personal profiles that don't meet Facebook's clickable link criteria. But the bummer is, these aren’t technically clickable. Your viewers would need to manually type them into a browser, and let's be honest, in our “instant gratification” age, that might be asking too much.

B. Guidelines: How to Add Links Effectively in Text Form

Keep ’em short, sweet, and easy to remember. Tools like can convert your long URLs into bite-sized ones perfect for a text story link.

C. Handling Issues: Issues to Consider and Their Possible Solutions

The most common pitfall—misspellings. Make sure your short link is correct and fully functional before adding it to your story.

VIII. Conclusion: Choosing the Best Link Adding Method for Your Needs
A. Recap of the Different Methods and Techniques

Pop quiz time! (Just kidding). We’ve explored multiple options: direct links, third-party apps, swipe-up feature, call-to-action buttons, text links. So many choices, just like a buffet. Mmmm, buffet.

B. Choose Your Preferred Method based on Your Objectives

So, take a good look at your objectives. Are you a business aiming to increase website traffic, or an influencer promoting sponsored products? Your goal will decide your link-embedding technique.

C. Reiterate How Clickable Links Benefit Facebook Story Engagement

To sum up the sum-up, clickable links are like elves on your social media shelf. They augment your viewer engagement, increase website traffic, promote direct sales, and improve overall digital appearance.

IX. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
A. How Often Can I Add Links to My Facebook Stories?

There’s no hard and fast rule here. But remember, overdoing it may turn off your viewers. Think of it like a spice—add just the right amount for the perfect flavor.

B. Can Viewers Share My Story Links?

Absolutely! Unless the option has been specifically turned off, your viewers can share your wonderful stories and the links embedded within them.

C. What If the Link in My Story Does not Work?

Don't panic! Check the URL you've posted. If it's correct, the issue might be with the website. So, you might want to connect with the site's administrator for further assistance.

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