How to Change input , Source, HDMI on samsung smart tv

How to Change input , Source, HDMI on samsung smart tv

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How to change Source input HDMI on Samsung Smart TV you can do this by using a remote and also you can do this by without a remote so first of all take your remote and click on home button you can see home button and you will see this type of home screen now just uh click on right button go to Connected devices so just click on down button you can see connected devices just swipe right go to right and you can see sources now the source option is set to TV Okay click on okay now this is set on one click on okay again now you can see uh upper arrow and lower Arrow you can change by using this button and this button just click up you can see the second air option is enabled click up again there is another air option go down go down you can see cable option now you can see DTV cable option so if your remote is not working so you can do this setting by using the by using the TV that is below on your TV or backside of your TV hope you like this video if you did please don't forget to subsscribe

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