🧨New Feature of Instagram Edit Your Any Send Message on Instagram

🧨New Feature of Instagram Edit Your Any Send Message on Instagram

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 In this video, I am going to share with you the new feature of Instagram which allows you to edit a message that you have sent to someone. This feature is very helpful if you have made a mistake or want to change something in your message. 

To use this feature, first, open the Instagram application and click on the message icon. Then, go to the chat where you want to send the message. If you have already sent a message and want to edit it, long-press on the message and click on the ‘Edit’ option. Now, you can edit the message as per your requirements. Once you have made the changes, click on ‘Done’. 

Please note that this feature allows you to edit your message only within 15 minutes of sending it. After 15 minutes, you cannot edit the message. Also, you can only edit the messages that you have sent, not the ones received from others. 

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