What is Sensitive Content on Instagram

What is Sensitive Content on Instagram

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In this video, I will guide you on how to find and control sensitive content on Instagram. Firstly, open the Instagram application and go to your profile icon. Next, click on the three horizontal lines and select 'Settings and Privacy'. Scroll down to 'Suggested Content', and click on 'Sensitive Content Control'. From here, you can manage how much sensitive content you want to view from accounts you don't follow. 

Sensitive content may not violate Instagram Community guidelines, but it includes topics that some people may find uncomfortable. If you're a sensitive person, choose 'Less'; if you're not very sensitive, select 'Standard'; and if you're not sensitive at all, choose 'More'. Keep in mind that if you select 'More', you may see content on topics such as suggestive or violent material that some people may not want to see. These settings will affect content from accounts you don't follow in 'Explore', 'Reels', 'Feed', 'Search' and 'Hashtags' pages. However, you will still see everything from friends, family, and other accounts you follow. Instagram takes measures to ensure that its content is safe and in line with its Community guidelines. After selecting your preferred option, click on 'Confirm' to save the changes. Thank you for watching, and please subscribe to Techsore.

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