What is Simple Mode On Any Realme Phone

What is Simple Mode On Any Realme Phone

 Hello, Welcome Back To Techsore! In This Blog Post, I will Explain What is Simple Mode On Any Realme Phone


 first we see where is this simple mode so just close Settings app now reopen settings application on your realme phone open settings application now scroll down click on special features and here is simple mode if you can't find simple mode so just go back click on the search bar and search for simple simple mode and now click on simple mode so this is normal mode and this is simple mode so in simple mode you see large text and large app icon and in normal mode you can see small icons and small Text Now swipe right in normal mode sounds are not louder and easy to hear but in simple mode sounds are louder and easier to hear Now swipe right and the last is simpler settings so in normal mode there is two too many things there is too many functions of settings but in simple mode there are few functions you need more quickly so this so this is simple mode if you want to enter simple mode just click on enter simple mode wait for some time it takes loading and now see I have entered simple mode so the icons are larger and the text are also big and sounds sounds also easier to hear easy to hear and settings go to settings and see only few things in the settings so this is simple mode thanks for watching subscribe to take s

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