Fix Battleground Mobile India Failed to Login Problem Solved on BGMI

Fix Battleground Mobile India Failed to Login Problem Solved on BGMI

So today I get the following error notification while I try to update the battlegrounds mobile India
And it shows Failed To Login. Please Try Again. So how to fix this issue? And here I get this error message in my Samsung galaxy m30s android mobile at the same time this trick also works for all android mobile devices. but if you have the operating system of android 11.

How To Fix Battleground Mobile India Failed to Login. Please Try Again Problem Solved on BGMI

  • So anyway let's go to our tutorial... So my point of view this is 100% occurs due to the network problem.
  • So if you use wifi network first of all check your wifi router indicators.
  • If all the lights glow green color or not.
  • So if maybe it shows any red color light problem with your fiber cable, So just check it.
  • At the same time if you use your mobile data network.
  • Just one time reset your all network settings.
  • Once you have done this process and then open your settings menu.
  • So here you can locate the "Apps" category And simply click to open it.
  • Now it shows all installed apps but I try to locate Battlegrounds mobile India And click to open it.
  • So here I try to access Mobile Data.
  • And then tick to enable this option Allow background data usage.
  • And go back to the one step.
  • And one time click to "Force stop" this application.
  • But some youtube videos show just clear that app data and then this problem is solved.
  • But my suggestion is if you clear that app data all your saved game data will be deleted.
  • So after you delete it.
  • One more time if you try to open battlegrounds mobile India in freshly this app resource files are starting to download from the beginning.
  • And this is waste of time.
  • So don't do this clear data process.
  • So anyway once you force stop this application.
  • And one more time I try to connect my mobile to a wifi network.
  • Because I check if this trick works or not.
  • But friend now this time this battleground mobile India is opening very smoothly
  • And it starts to downloading the update files.
  • So be patient...

If this trick works for you just put your valuable comments. And thanks for visiting our website.

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