Fix Major Problems With Latest Windows 11 Update Problem Solved

Fix Major Problems With Latest Windows 11 Update Problem Solved

Major Problems With Latest Windows 11 Update

Major problems with the latest Windows update 22 H2, now if you've already installed this update you may be receiving the problems like a blue screen of death and you may also be having issues with uh frame jobs in your gaming.

So if you see something like this coming soon Windows 11 version 22 H2 then don't worry you haven't installed it on your PC there would be a little button that says click here to install don't do that because there are major problems with it right now.

So I'm going to tell you there even if I click check for updates it's not going to give me this button to install it now if you do want to install 22 H2 on your computer and it's not showing the button there then you can do by using the update assistant and if you do that it's going to download it and install it now if you're going to be doing a fresh install of Windows as well it's going to install the version 22H2 on your computer.

So you may want to download an older version if you don't want to use this version right now because there are quite a few issues with it right now if you're not sure whether you've installed it already you can type winver in your search box and it will bring up this little about Windows there and it should tell you what version you're running you can see where this version is 22 H2 this is on a virtual machine.

So I won't be installed that on my main system because I know there is going to be issue so let's just take a look there at what Microsoft has to say about this issue now if you check the link -

There is a full rundown of all of the latest issues and notifications about Windows 11 version 22 H2 and other versions as well so depending.

What version you're running will determine what sort of issues they're having with that version some issues are carried over from previous versions but as you can see there it will give you some information
about some of the issues that they are having with this release.

Now you would think by now that Microsoft would learn but I do think they're using the users to actually test their product so once you get this installed you're gonna probably end up with some sort of issue.

If you have the Intel SST driver says here Windows 11 devices with the affected Intel SST driver might receive an error with a blue screen so which means you're going to get a blue screen of diff and it can end up constantly blue screening which is not good.

If you've got that type of issue then roll back I'll show you how to do that a little bit later now the kb5012170 might fail to install and you might receive error code 0x 800 f0922 error I did make a video on this the other day and I'll show you that in a second but that is basically a security update that causes the secure boot you need to disable secure boot to be able to install the update.

Then you can toggle that back on but you can see there going through the mumps you can see there are other issues that have been carried over from previous months and this one the secure boot dbx issue has been going on for a little while as you can see there now there is a workaround.

Windows update problems in Windows 10 but this is also relevant for Windows 11 as well so whether you've got Windows 10 or Windows 11 and you're getting this error code coming up there then I made a video showing you how to resolve and fix that issue and there are some other things you can check out there.

so check out my YouTube channel hit the Subscribe button and also give the video a thumbs up on that video and it will help other people see the video now bleeping computer released an article vehicle explaining the issue with gaming and its to do with the NVIDIA drivers as you can see you there if you read through I'll leave the link in the video description basically Nvidia has released a beta version of the driver to try to rectify the issue.

If you're running Windows 11 22 H2 some people have said basically if you're getting 100 frames per second this drops down to 30 frames per second and you end up getting stuttering and spikes and other issues if you are running this latest version of Windows 11 update you can see there the Nvidia customer service have released a link for the download there personally I wouldn't bother downloading and installing a beta driver on your system I would rather roll back to a previous version of Windows 11 and the reason for that is because this is not an actual fix it's just a workaround and you can see there it is a beta driver.

So it's not even been fully tested and again you can still have other issues with this update until Microsoft release a full patch for this update and these fixes to fix these problems then I really won't bother updating to it and this is the problem when people jump the gun or people advise people to update straight away there is no need to update Windows all the time straight away you're not at risk and you're not going to have any major issues.

So if you do want to roll back you're going to have to do it very quickly because you only have 10 days to go to the system and then recover there in the settings panel and when you click on this you should see a go-back area there now if you do see a go-back area it means you're still eligible to roll back to the previous version of Windows that you were using before and this is what.

I'd advise you to if you do take this Choice then make sure you back up your data first just in case something goes wrong because sometimes Windows doesn't get this right and you can end up in a reboot loop where you have issues after a rollback and you can't go forward and you can't go back and you're going to end up having to do a fresh install I've seen it happen.

So be warned to make sure you back up all your data before attempting any sort of rollback sometimes it goes smoothly and you have no issues at all and you can roll straight back but with these sorts of updates you've got to be a bit careful if you don't see the go back there, it means your time period has passed and you can't roll back your PC and you would have to do a fresh install with the older version of Windows if you can find one so if you've got an Nvidia graphics card I would definitely hold off updating to this latest update right now.

I'll just give it a few more weeks to see whether Microsoft roll out updates and patches for this to fix it you can check that link in the video description it will tell you whether this issue has been fixed also you can check your NVIDIA drivers if they suddenly release a newer driver which isn't in beta and it does fix this issue for Windows 11 22 H2 then obviously it's safe to roll out that update if that problem has been resolved anyway.

Just be really careful with these sorts of updates there's no need to rush out an update straight away there's plenty of time you're not at risk as I've said before some people jump the gun and love to get these updates straight away but you're just being a guinea pig and testing these updates for Microsoft you might as well wait a few more weeks until you roll the update out.

Make sure it's fully working properly let other people have all the teething problems and you can just sit back on your working system until it's been fully tested and then you can roll out that update knowing that it's going to be working properly rather than having all these headaches and having a roll back and going through all of this palava with these updates by installing them too early.

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