How To Fix Your Bank Transfer Problem On Venmo Problem Solved

How To Fix Your Bank Transfer Problem On Venmo Problem Solved

In this article, I am going to tell you how to verify your Venmo account keep reading this article I'm going to teach you exactly how to do that.

How To Fix Your Bank Transfer Problem On Venmo Problem Solved

All right like I said before I'm teaching you guys how to verify a Venmo account it's not that hard actually it's very simple it's just sometimes like when you're trying to transfer your money to a bank and it's not verified you keep trying you think something wrong you probably um transfer money before and you like you shouldn't be having the same problem you shouldn't be having this problem you can't transfer it now because you did it already.

Well if you never verified your account you will have that problem like the way a lot of these apps go nowadays you have to verify you might get away with it one time but it ain't gonna always keep happening like that you gotta verify so this is gonna teach y'all how to do it.

You know I'm here to help you feel me if y'all need any more help with anything else comment what that is and I'm gonna get straight to it all right now uh no further ado I'm gonna go ahead and teach you how to do it right now.

  • All right yo, so all you have to do is go to your Venmo account.
  • Go and click on the right top button the settings button.
  • And scroll down to identity verification and hit that button.
  • Then click on get started and fill out all this right there all the information personal information your name your address your last for your social then click next.
  • The next page will tell you basically that you will be able to use your account and send money to your bank transfer and stuff like that.

I had this problem before I didn't know what to do that's why I'm making this article to tell y'all how you know to fix your Venmo account if you're not able to transfer your funds and stuff like that so.

I hope you guys enjoy the article and gain some knowledge tell me in the comments what y'all want next from me I'll work on it all love to everybody.

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