Fix Can't Uninstall Lenovo Vantage/Vantage Enterprise/Commercial Vantage

Fix Can't Uninstall Lenovo Vantage/Vantage Enterprise/Commercial Vantage

Title: How to Uninstall Lenovo Vantage, Lenovo Vantage Commercial, or Lenovo Vantage Enterprise

Introduction: Lenovo Vantage is a useful utility that provides various system management and optimization features for Lenovo laptops and PCs. However, there may be situations where you need to uninstall it, whether due to issues with the software or other reasons. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to uninstall Lenovo Vantage, Lenovo Vantage Commercial, or Lenovo Vantage Enterprise from your Windows computer.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure that you are logged in with administrative privileges on your Windows computer.
  • Back up any important data or settings related to Lenovo Vantage as uninstalling it will remove all associated files and configurations.

Uninstalling Lenovo Vantage:

Step 1: Open Windows Settings

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the Windows icon in the taskbar to open the Start menu.
  • Click on the "Settings" gear icon to open Windows Settings.

Step 2: Access Apps and Features

  • In Windows Settings, click on the "Apps" or "Apps & features" option.

Step 3: Locate Lenovo Vantage

  • In the "Apps & features" section, you will see a list of installed applications.
  • Use the search box to type in "Lenovo Vantage" to quickly locate it.

For Windows 11:

  • Click on the three dots (...) next to Lenovo Vantage.
  • Then, click on "Uninstall."

For Windows 10:

  • Simply click on Lenovo Vantage.
  • Click on the "Uninstall" button that appears.

Step 4: Confirm Uninstallation

  • You may be prompted to confirm the uninstallation. Click "Uninstall" to proceed.

If Lenovo Vantage Remains After Uninstallation:

Step 5: Using PowerShell (Admin)

  • In case Lenovo Vantage persists or if you have Lenovo Vantage Commercial or Enterprise installed, you can follow these additional steps.
  • Copy the provided PowerShell command to your clipboard.
Get-ProvisionedAppPackage -Online | where {$_.DisplayName -like "E046963F.LenovoCompanion"}|Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -AllUsers -Online Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers E046963F.LenovoCompanion* | Remove-AppxPackage -AllUsers %localAppdata%\packages

Step 6: Run PowerShell as Administrator

  • Type "PowerShell" in the Windows search box.
  • Right-click on "Windows PowerShell" and select "Run as administrator."
  • Click "Yes" if prompted to allow administrative access.

Step 7: Paste and Execute Commands

  • In the elevated PowerShell window, paste the first command and press Enter.
  • Then, copy the second command and paste it into the same window, followed by pressing Enter.

Step 8: Check for Leftover Folder (Optional)

  • Open the Run dialog by typing "run" in the Windows search box and clicking on "Run."
  • Paste the provided location into the Run dialog and click "OK." Look for a folder named "e04 Lenovo companion" (or similar alphanumeric characters). If you find it, proceed to the next step.

Step 9: Restart Your Computer

  • After executing the commands and, if applicable, deleting the leftover folder, restart your computer.

Step 10: Verify Lenovo Vantage Uninstallation

  • After the system restarts, check your computer for any remaining traces of Lenovo Vantage. It should be completely removed from your system.

Conclusion: Uninstalling Lenovo Vantage, Lenovo Vantage Commercial, or Lenovo Vantage Enterprise from your Windows computer can help resolve issues or simply remove the software if you no longer need it. By following these steps, you can ensure a clean and complete removal of the application.

Thank you for reading, and if you found this guide helpful, please comment then we create more useful content.

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