How To Delete Time Spent on Instagram

How To Delete Time Spent on Instagram

In this article, I will tell you how to delete time spent on Instagram so welcome to another article of Techsore.

How To Delete Time Spent on Instagram

First, open the Instagram application.

Go to your profile icon and click on three horizontal lines.

Click on your activity scroll down click on time spent so daily average my daily average of using Instagram is 35 minutes and it has been 7 Days since I have used Instagram. On Tuesday I used 1 Hour and 3 minutes Wednesday I used 54 minutes today I used 30 minutes and on Saturday and Friday I used 0 minutes Instagram doesn't provide any delation of these deletion of time spent so to delete this you need to log out to your Instagram account to log out your Instagram account go to these three lines go to settings and privacy scroll down and click on log out click on log out after log out you login back to your account and see the time spent is gone to zero as my Friday and Saturday has zero.

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