All Settings of Suggested Content on Instagram

All Settings of Suggested Content on Instagram

 Hello, Welcome Back To Techsore! In This Blog Post, I will Explain All Settings of Suggested Content on Instagram.

To do the settings of suggested content first open Instagram application now go to your profile icon click on this three horizontal lines now go to settings and privacy scroll down and here here is the option suggested content click on it so in suggested content first is interested so I haven't any added any interested post or real on this but when you see any post or real sometime Instagram ask you are interested on this post or not uh on that post or real that is ask you are interested or not sometime Instagram ask so if you select interested then you have added that post to interested section now go back second one is is sensitive content click on it so control how much sensitive content you see from accounts you don't follow sensitive content doesn't go against Instagram Community guidelines but refers to topics some people don't want to see so choose how how much sensitive content to see first is more you might see more sensitive content second is standard you might see some sensitive content less you might see less sensitive content if you are a sensitive person then click on less or you can click on more standard anything you want then click on confirm so now go back third one is sno suggested Post in feed hide suggested Post in feed for 30 days so if you do not want any suggested content on your feed so just click on this toggle this on for 30 days so Instagram will not suggest any post for you on fit for 30 days and the last one is not interested so I have selected this six post as not interested how you can select any post as not interested go to your feed click on the search icon this is your feed so I'm not interested in this post so go to that post you are not interested in then click on this three dots and here is the option not interested click on it and see this post has been hidden Instagram will show fever post like this from now on so go back go back now refresh this not interested page now see that post is added to not interested in this way you can add multiple post to not interested so these are the settings for suggested content thanks for watching subscribe to techsore.

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